About Me

Hey, I’m Sandra….thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad to have you visit.

You might wonder about my URL. It’s not really anything mysterious. I always have been a peacenik. I’m not into war or armed conflict. And it happens that I live in Broward County in Florida. So I decided that made a pretty appropriate domain name.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a blog full of rants and tirades about our country’s involvement in the war effort in this or that country. I’m not one that wastes time doing that. I don’t go out and picket or boycott or burn buildings in protest or anything.

Like I said, I’m peaceful about it. I have my opinions about war and mostly I keep them to myself. But since this is my blog, they could leak out a little here and there.

So who am I and what is this blog about?

Good question.

This is just a blog to express my opinion about things and to also be able to post observations and thoughts and insights. I have recently gone through some life changes and I am Interested in processing those and putting my thoughts out there and maybe getting some feedback.

I don’t have any particular angle or slant for this blog. It will probably range from the mundane to the meaningless to the introspective.

I have a son who lives with me part-time and I imagine that some of my blogs will be about life with him or about his take on life. He’s a funny kid and has some unique insights.

I have other children as well but they live out of the house. My third kid came along ten years after my first and six years after my second. In some ways he’s been like an only child since my middle one moved out.

Life for him has been a lot different than it was for kids #1 and #2. I was a pretty uptight first-time mom. Somewhat rigid and paranoid.

By the time #3 came along, the paranoia had definitely been worked out. Dealing with teen issues made dealing with pre-school issues much easier. It put things into perspective. By that time I knew that #3 would certainly survive toddlerhood and preschool and all that stuff–barring some terrible event–and that I just needed to roll with the punches.

Even when #3 became a teen himself, it was different. By that time I had already gone through the teen years with #1 and #2. I had seen what things are important and what things aren’t.

You want to get snakebites? Sure, I’ll take you to the piercing parlor myself. Your grades are good, you’re not doing drugs . . . I’ll help you get those holes in your lips if that’s what you want right now. It’s not permanent! And I’d much rather use my energies saying no to something that really matters.

Back to this blog . . . .

I will probably also talk about some of the interests in my life and hopefully they will be common interests that maybe you will share with me.

Feel free to comment and disagree or agree. I might even open this up for you to post your own blogs but of course I will moderate and make sure there’s no offensive content. Offensive to me anyway, and to the typical reader that I imagine might stop by.

So anyway, feel free to join me for the ride. Thanks again for stopping by.