Pitfalls of Skating

I got my son a helmet so that when he does his skating or scootering, he can do flips and stuff without worrying so much about cracking his head open. He’s been pretty good at using it.

Most of the time he doesn’t wear it. Nobody else wears a helmet either. But when he’s doing flares and backflips and stuff like that where he’s actually In the air doing like a somersault, then he does wear it.

I’m really grateful that I don’t have to crack a whip over him to put that helmet on. I know he’s feeling self-conscious wearing it.

Right now there’s probably twelve guys at the skate park and not one of them is wearing a helmet except for my son. As soon as he does his trick, he takes a helmet off for his other moves.

It would be good if he wore the helmet the whole time because the other moves are also dangerous and if he went the wrong direction and fell, he could easily crack his head that way.

But I’m not gonna complain. At least, he’s wearing a helmet for the tricks that involve him going upside down.

He really takes a beating doing those tricks. We usually hang out here for at least two hours and sometimes up to five hours. He always leaves the skate park limping and with a fresh crop of bruises and scrapes.

He’s usually happy though and we keep coming back night after night. So obviously, the pain is worth it.

I have gotten him ankle braces and knee braces and shoulder braces. He doesn’t usually wear them while he’s practicing but he often wears them afterwards because he pulls tendons or ligaments or knocks bones against the concrete or strains something.

Something always happens when he practices.

He’s usually the only one out here on a scooter. It’s generally not the coolest thing to ride. Sometimes he has a friend that comes out who also rides a scooter and he enjoys that.

Still, even though most of them are on skateboards or bicycles, they have a respect for my son and his skills on his scooter. He always has kids taking out their phones and recording videos of him. They watch him practice over and over and when he nails a trick they always give him a lot of applause and yells of encouragement. I know he likes that a lot.

He pretty much destroys his shoes during the sport. We go through so many pairs of shoes. I think they last at the most three months. We have tried the cheap shoes and we have tried the expensive shoes. It doesn’t seem to matter; they all wear out in about the same amount of time.

Anyway, he loves being at the skate park and I’m happy to bring him. I’d rather him do something active like this than the typical alternative–playing first-person shooters or watching some lame show on TV.

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