Trees and Hurricanes: Don’t Mix

I recently moved to a little house that has a big oak tree in the front yard. When I was looking for a house to move to, a tree in the front yard or the backyard was one of the main things I wanted.

I was really happy when I found this place. It was the right size for the right amount of money and had a great big tree in front.

I have to say though I’m glad it’s an oak tree. It has lost a lot of leaves but nothing like my neighbor’s tree.

Their tree must be something like a sweet gum or a maple. Beautiful colors in the fall but then like within a week every single leaf fell off that tree. The number of leaves  in my neighbor’s yard was just amazing.

My neighbors actually got a letter about their leaves or something from the HOA. So for a week or two, they were out there almost every afternoon raking up huge piles of leaves. They put them in bags and put them out on the sidewalk for the yard trash collection. They had tons of bags of leaves.

It made me realize that I was very happy to have a tree that was not deciduous. That would have really sucked if I had to spend hours and hours out raking leaves.

I have thought that I should look around for a tree service company because I think the oak in my front yard could use trimming.

Branches are getting a bit too far-reaching over the roof and they also are extending out over the street.

I think I will check out the local directory and google a tree service company to take care of those branches.

I have a feeling if the tree service people come out to my house, my neighbors will ask him to come over and just cut down their tree! Not really, I’m just kidding. Now that they’ve raked all of the leaves I don’t think they mind the tree anymore.

My neighbor said to me one day as he was raking the last of the leaves, I looked up and down the street, and I have the only tree that’s losing leaves! Shaking my head!

In the neighborhood I lived in before this one, there was a neighbor that had a tree service company come in and do extensive trimming of their trees. It really was amazing. They cleaned up those trees and completely transformed how they looked.

I actually was not a huge fan of the final product. The trees looked really naked after the tree service company came in and did their work. Still, I guess that’s what the homeowners wanted and maybe it put the trees in better shape for ongoing growth.

The trimming was done before hurricane season. I know that’s often recommended by tree service companies. Trees that are trimmed apparently don’t catch the wind as much as trees that have not been trimmed. And if they don’t catch the wind, they aren’t as likely to be blown over.

So coming up to hurricane season, it can be a good idea to have branches thinned out and make the trees less susceptible to gale-force winds.

As an aside, after those neighbors had all the tree work done, a freak windstorm went through and knocked down one of their newly-trimmed oaks. They had to have the tree service company come back and cut up the downed tree and haul it off. They were shaking their heads over that one.


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